Our Dog Park Has Inside and Outside Play Areas and a Beautiful Large Pond.


Great people, great dogs.


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Please click on the "Dog Park Rules" link below and read before coming for the first time. (NO children under 16!)


Daisy with her dirty little pig face, but still cute.

Our new pond is all natural and has small fish, and the blue does not stick to the dogs.

(Please read the whole page before calling)

Been told Dog Parks aren't a good idea? Lack of knowledge always produces negativity, so come judge for yourself. By denying dogs the opportunity to become social with other dogs and people, our dogs are becoming neurotic, apprehensive, territorial, aggressive, yappy, snippy, and dangerous, which enforces prejudices and causes certain breeds to be banned.  (Ban stupid people, not dogs.) While true not all dogs are suitable for a Dog Park environment, the majority of pet dogs benefit greatly, and should be brought on a regular basis to develop into a well rounded pet. Within minutes even the most neurotic dogs become part of the pack, both human and dog, and you see a considerable change and lots of smiling faces.

Public dog parks can be dangerous and some people are inconsiderate and don't pick up after their dogs. You and your dog are safer here and the park is clean. If you have a complaint, question, or a suggestion about anything, please let me know. 

Some dogs don't mix well with other dogs no matter what, but most can become great Dog Park dogs with the right training and supervision. And, don't let your dog be a bully, pay attention to how the other dog is reacting. If the other dog is trying to stay away from your dog, if his fur is up on his back, and/or his tail is tucked, it means he isn't comfortable with your dog, so you need to distract your dog, at least until the other dog relaxes.

Specifically, the breeds over 8 mos. of age NOT allowed in the dog park unless you have them under 100% control, meaning they need to have a remote collar that is properly fitted and working, are: Akitas, American Bulldogs, Cane Corsos, German Shepherds, Neopolitan Mastiffs, Pit Bulls (mostly the Mastiff and Bully breeds). It's just better to be safe than sorry, things happen very quickly, and the collar controls your dog from a distance. Any questions, call, text, or e-mail.

All male dogs coming here must be neutered if they are over 15 mos. of age and no females in season.

I have separate areas if needed and please use common sense and start there if you aren't sure how your dog will be, then enter the main area once you are sure your dog is okay with others. It's better to be safe than sorry.

If more people brought their dogs here, there wouldn't be so many ending up in shelters, Humane Societies, or Rescue, nor would there be so many hyper and overweight dogs. If your dog is overweight, you aren't getting enough exercise.

I cannot say it enough, "A tired dog is a good dog".   Good quality exercise is the first ingredient in having a well rounded happy dog.  I'm not talking a slow walk around the block,  I'm talking running, playing, jumping, in other words, plain good old "dog exercise" and we are open year round.


Monthly fee of $45 for one dog, $10 for additional dog in same family, or $10 a visit per dog. (Puppies 6 mos. and under are free.) Payment by check or cash, and I cannot make change, so if paying with cash, please bring correct change. There are envelopes inside on the table for the cash and please put your name and your dogs name on it and drop it in the locked box on the front of the training building across from the pond.


When you come into the park, remove the leash or drop it. As you come through the gate, keep walking to keep your dog moving with you, don't leave him at the gate by himself, especially young puppies.

When coming for the first time, it is sometimes easier to start at the small dog area to the right of the parking lot, which will take you through to the corner park, then into the main part. There won't be so much chaos with the dogs all running up to the gate to see who the newcomer is, and the introductions will go along more smoothly.

Be careful when throwing balls or frisbee's or giving treats as some dogs get too excited and it can cause trouble. Don't treat unless the owner of the other dog gives permission and you are sure all dogs are okay in taking treats with other dogs around.

The "small dog" area is next to the parking area.  For safety reasons, some small dogs are not allowed in the main park.  Your little dog may be good with big dogs, but all big dogs aren't good with little dogs, so don't set your little dog up to be hurt by larger dogs that are running around playing or that may think your little dog is prey.   Use common sense, and if your little dog does get hurt, it is totally your responsibility!

NO children 15 yrs. and under, no exceptions!!!!  I am firm about this. A parent with them is 'not' okay, NO children, period! Teach your kids by example, rules are made for a reason, and should be respected.

It is a liability and it isn't fair to set your child up to be hurt then to blame the dog.  Some dogs don't like kids, but even dogs that do can hurt a child without meaning to.  When a bunch of dogs are running around playing and not paying attention, somebody can get knocked down and possibly hurt.  We can't take our dogs to a kids park, for good reason, so you shouldn't expect to bring kids to a dog park. 


Fun at the Dog Park.

Training building with agility equipment included in dog park fee.


  We're not fancy, but it's all about the dogs, and they love it! .
Dog Park Rules   Directions to Our Facility


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