Dog Park Rules

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DOG PARK RULES - Please read!

The purpose of the rules is to promote the enjoyment of the park and to ensure the safety of both you and your pet. If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, please leave a note in the box on the front of the training building, or call Karen at 810-599-6669 or e-mail at: . The rules may seem stringent but they are for you and your dogs own good, please respect them.

  • NO children 15 yrs. and under, NO EXCEPTIONS, so don't ask. The rules apply to everyone, teach your children by example.
  • Please call and/or meet with Karen before entering if you have a Pit Bull, American Bulldog, German Shepherd, Rott, Chow, etc., or their mixes over one year of age. Please call for an appt. (Some dogs are not allowed at all, please read the dog park page for the list)
  • There is a $10 fee for each dog per visit or $45 a month for unlimited use. $10 a month for each additional dog belonging to same family. Fees are to be paid in advance and please bring correct change or pay by check.
  • Upon entering, remove or drop the leash and keep walking.  Do NOT stand around. If you feel uncomfortable and/or feel there will be a problem, you can temporarily use a long line (15 ft. or so), or use the corner park until you relax. Above all do not coddle and do not carry your dog, it can cause problems..
    Aggression is not allowed. If there is a problem, remove your dog immediately. Contact Karen if you need and/or want help. NO un-neutered males over 15 mos. of age allowed.
    NO females in season allowed at all and please bathe them when they are out of season before coming back. (Better yet, spay them!)
    Please make sure your dog is heartworm and parasite free. Have your dog on HW preventative during mosquito season.
    Always clean up after your dog in the mowed areas. Please clean up any other you see whether it is from your dog or not. If everybody helps, it will keep things clean. Pooper scoopers and trash cans are located around the park.  Please be considerate and make sure the lids are kept tight on the trash cans and that you get the stuff into the bag.  If you dog has loose stool, it could be from nerves, but if it lasts more than two days, consult with your Vet.  Please pour water on it from the pond or hose near the pond to dissolve it into the ground.
    Watch your dog at all times, know where he is and what he is doing. If he digs holes, fill them back in.
    Dog’s are to be on leash if outside fenced areas. Be careful when entering or leaving fenced areas that other dogs do not get out.
    'Some small' dogs are not allowed in the main park.  Check with Karen first.
    You enter the dog park at your own risk, accidents happen.
    Owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and any injuries to your dog or caused by you or your dog, either to you, themselves, other people, other dogs, or anyone’s possessions is your full responsibility.
    If your dog is not under control, talk to Karen about training. It is up to you to be a responsible owner.
    The training building is part of the dog park use and please help keep it clean. Do not let your dogs pee inside. Pay attention!
    It is recommended to not bring treats or food as some dogs get over zealous and it can cause problems.
  • These rules cover all of the property and facilities belonging to Karen Gorman, please respect them.





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